Public Displays

Partnering with local organizations and businesses, Marla’s art can be found in select public spaces in the form of larger-than-life murals. Continue to check back here as more of her work pops up around town.

With bold colors and a message of positivity, “Gumballs” features large jumping dots – some glittered to evoke movement – that brighten and transform an otherwise blank storefront at The Westchester in White Plains, NY. Featured at the mall during the 2020 holiday season, this 600 square foot mural “acts as a glass bowl, holding the gumballs and essentially creating a larger-than-life gumball machine.”

Bravo to local artist and entrepreneur Marla Beth Enowitz, for installing a huge 600-foot mural at The Westchester called ‘Gumballs’! Marla turned her obsession with painting into a business in the height of the pandemic. Talk about inspiration.

– Tara Rosenblum, News 12