Created by artist Marla Beth Enowitz, Marla Beth Designs specializes in bringing a little sparkle into homes and businesses through her large-scale abstract art. Her designs, described as equal parts whimsical and sophisticated, are often inspired by the imaginative minds of children evoking feelings of optimism and positivity.

Based in Westchester County, New York, this mom turned mompreneur transformed her love of painting from hobby to business once the pandemic hit. Through her work and the power of creativity, she was able to find the “rainbow” lining of the pandemic, turning lemons into [pink] lemonade and uplifting those around her in the process.

I want my ‘happy art’ to bring us all together. Some things can still be simple and pure. The innocence we once enjoyed as children may feel far away and lost, but if my work can be a reminder of that – a time that was happy and carefree – with something tangible to hang on the wall, that’s what I’d like to contribute to the world.